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Lemon Water:

The benefits of warm lemon water in the morning are limitless. My favorite are meyer lemons, I love the taste and they are usually more juicy than regular lemons.

Before I touch on a few of the benefits, I want to point out the key here is to drink the water warm first thing in the morning before anything else. I have found that after I drink it I continue to drink water and wait 30min-1hr before having breakfast.

I have a couple different lemon water recipes for different things.... one includes ACV, another is cayenne/tumeric/ginger root and honey (for a cold)... for now we will start with the basics!!

  • Some known benefits of lemon water:

  • Flushes out the digestive system

  • Immune system support-Vitamin C

  • By lemon water aiding in digestion it is known to help clear up your skin and make it glow


  • warm water

  • 1/2 meyer lemon

  • slice of ginger root (optional)


  • Bring water to a boil and let sit until warm

  • Juice lemon into a mug

  • Add warm water and ginger(optional) sip and enjoy!

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