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Begin with a Free Consultation.

Whether you have a few questions or you are seeking a health coach, it all begins with a 15 minute phone call. 

We discuss your health objectives and explore a few options and insights tailored to your goals and concerns. In this consultation we may review any medical history, allergies, or symptoms and address any remaining questions you have. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to your health, so every health coaching plan is unique for each individual.

For example, 1 week of health coaching would include a comprehensive look into your main health concerns and objectives with immediate suggestions and a tailored step-by-step follow up to support you along the way.  

1 Week plan would also include:

  • 1 hour phone session

  • Personal review follow-up email 

  • Explore all health concerns and goals

  • Recipes and/or supplements tailored for you.

Another option, 3 month health coaching plan​ With a focus on intuitive eating, we create custom plans ranging from 3 months to a year with an emphasis on creating a dynamic personal program to achieve results and gain momentum. We discuss overall health goals and the approach to holistic health, with a purpose to empower you with strategies, nutritional insight and recipes, and encouragement.

3 Month plan would also include:

  • Unlimited text and email 3 month

  • 1hr phone session every other week

  • Session follow up email with suggestions

  • Recipes and/or supplement guide

  • Early rates on seasonal workshops



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