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revitalize the ingredients in your kitchen.

Mahogany Kitchen

Pantry Clean Out: A Complete Nutritional Overhaul of your kitchen and pantry.

Make your choices easier. Invite me into your home to reorganize the pantry and kitchen with healthier options. We begin with a dive into your current snacks and meals and identify any items with more wholesome alternatives, keeping an emphasis on organic products and nutrient rich ingredients, in order to keep you fully stocked, fed, and happy.


  • 2 hour, in person, ingredient clean out and reorganization

  • Replacement Brand List+add to InstaCart

  • 1 week of text/email 'product talk' follow up

  • Recipe Book and Emailed Recipes

San Diego County, Orange County - $375

Los Angeles County, Inland Empire $475

Grocery Basket


We take an inventory of what stays and what goes

Vegetable Shopping


Stock the kitchen and pantry with all the goodies

Woman Cooking in Kitchen


Keep the momentum with weekly recipes and support.

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