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This isn't a 60 day juice cleanse, or a strict regimen. This journey is about small habits and ingredients that make you feel better.  I engage with all of my clients on a personal level to get a better understanding of their health history and current goals. There is no "one size fits all" to find a balance and thrive.

I am passionate about conscious living through simple practices that eliminate stress and help create a healthy routine-based lifestyle. I want you to find more energy, feel comfortable in your skin, and enjoy life!

I offer a few options for us to work together …

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Native to Southern California, Erica Fowler is a certified Nutritionist Consultant and the founder of Erica Jane Health. Throughout her life she has dreamed of travel and always had a connection to nature and people. Over the past 7 years she has made those dreams a reality.  She believes that the sky is the limit and whatever you dream, whether its a goal or a feeling you want to have, it’s possible. Having a strong intuition, she enjoys nothing more than relating to people and hearing their truths.

She was the pickiest eater as a child! And as she grew older she viewed food as just something she consumed to live, she didn't put much thought into it. She had a moderately healthy diet growing up and into her teens. She began a brief career in modeling while she was in college and she realized quickly how certain people treated their bodies to look a certain way. She enjoyed the experiences of runways in LA but also had other dreams to pursue. It wast until life threw her a few curve balls in her early twenties that made her re align with what she wanted her life to be like. Family trauma, a loss of a friend, and life in general seemed to begin to overwhelm her, “It was almost like there was a battle for the first time between my positive optimistic spirit and everything feeling overwhelming and not having energy.” The anxiety from it often left her nauseous and underweight, no matter what she was consuming. She realized how powerful the mind and body connection was. It was such a struggle to have the feeling of depression and anxiety but want to be so happy and healthy. Working two jobs and in college, she began to explore how good whole foods were among other self work, made such a difference in how she felt. It was something she was in control of and could continue to work on, it quickly became a way of life.

She began the self work. Breathing, taking control of her life, practicing yoga, eating nutritious food, and being peacefully mindful. This doesn't mean that anxious feelings didn't and still don't sometimes arise in her life, she just has learned tools to handle them in a way that doesn't take over her life. “Just like happiness is a choice so is how you deal with being anxious.” Erica mentions. She believes that we are in control of ourselves and how we live our dream lives. Proper food consumption, exercise, and positive thinking are game changers to get through life and enjoy it. “If I could give one piece of advice it would be to love yourself for who you are, and to be your own best friend.” She believes that at the end of the day its you looking at yourself in the mirror and you deserve to love who you are looking at and realize how amazing you are!

She spent the beginning of her professional career participating in a few technology start ups. In the corporate world, not only was lunch catered, but donuts, soda, cake, chips, were all around. She found herself meal planning, bringing food that she knew made her mentally clear and full of energy, and encouraging others by talking about nutrition and holistic healing. She loves helping people and encouraging them through their journeys. She has been studying holistic health remedies, food, and wellness for over a decade. She loves having one on one clients as well as creating new recipes and filling you in on her recent travel adventures and tips along the way! As mentioned above, being a child that was a picky eater, she has a strong passion for helping parents create diverse healthy recipes in their home that are kid friendly.

Erica Jane Health, is a safe place to come as you are. Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds, meet a life goal, get better sleep, balance your moods, get more energy-this is your place! She believes in small steps to move forward to meet the larger goal by creating healthy habits. She is a hands on life cheerleader and loves sharing tips from her education and watching you learn to listen to your body and hear what its been trying to tell you!

Erica Jane health is a holistic wellness platform that provides services, such as: different types of health coaching, recipe developing, meal prep tips, and much more.


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