Green Goodness


begins May 4th

"It is not easy. Healing yourself, transforming your mind, building new habits, observing reality without projections or delusions. This is work that takes effort, but when you continue trying it creates significant results that have an immensely positive impact on your life." Yung Pueblo

Spring is a time to really evaluate our routines, habits and find new ways to move forward and feel our best! Join me this March to dive deeper into seasonal healthy foods that nourish us on a cellular level and grow with a community of women.

Drinking Green Juice

Join me for a 4-week Spring women's virtual health workshop!

We will dive deep into our relationships with food, how to elevate our meals, nourish our bodies, self care and body image + much more! 

    Whats Included?

  • Weekly 60 minute virtual group sessions starting March 2nd.

  • Two 30 minute private coaching sessions with me. (scheduled bi-weekly)

  • Access to our private group for daily interactions and encouragement.


Meeting Times:

  • Group 1: Tuesdays @ 9am PST

  • Group 2: SUNLIGHT SURVIVORS ONLY Tuesdays @ 10am PST

PRICING: $150.00

*Payment via Venmo/Paypal accepted.

Woman Cooking in Kitchen

Why do we need a health workshop?

Nutrition is one piece of the overall "well-being puzzle." Our food and eating patterns directly influence how we feel.


I wanted to create a place where we can dive deeper into foods, juices, and lifestyle habits that can support us no matter the season of life we are in. The ability to relate to another and feel supported in a group setting is so beautiful, and it brings me so much joy to connect and evolve together on our health journey!


We will have weekly video calls to discuss specific topics and spend time sharing how we are growing, areas we could use some support in, and create new small habits that make big differences!

Can't wait to see you there!


Erica xx

Herbs and Vegetables


Group 1 Tuesdays 9:00am PST

Group 2 (Sunlight Survivor Members only) Tuesdays 10am PST

Group 1 (tues 9:00am pst) March Workshop: Sign up for payment link and more info!
Group 2 Sunlight Survivors Only  (tues 10am pst) March Workshop: Sign up for payment link and more info!
*if you require financial assistance please email:

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Holistic Health Coach & Nutritionist Consultant

Solana Beach, CA 92075

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