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Health In a Cubicle

I wanted to do a post on how to stay healthy while being a successful corporate boss lady! The busy corporate vibe is so fast paced with meetings around the clock, deadlines, and the food is usually the last priority....unless its donut day. I worked in an corporate office for the majority of my career and became a meal prep wizard!!!

Tip# 1: and my best tip: Sunday meal-prep. Make good foods that you look forward to eating! Food plays a HUGE role in your mental clarity and energy. So eat foods where you know the ingredients and that make your body thrive.

Tip #2: DRINK WATER! I'm not talking about a little plastic cup of water from the break room. Bring your own reusable water bottle and keep it at your desk. Avoid tons of coffee and sugary soft drinks. They end up making you crash. Herbal tea is also a great option for an after lunch pick me up!

Tip #3: WALK and stand as much as possible. I love the new standing desk craze, its amazing. Take walks around or outside the building on phone calls. or just for a quick 10 minute break. Find a room to stretch in mid day. Take the stairs over the elevator :)

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