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Wellness On The Go!

Wellness routines don’t have to go out the window when we travel. There are a few ways to set yourself up for success while on the go. I love getting out of my element, exploring somewhere new, and getting into a different culture while feeling my best. My ‘wellness on the go’ comes from 3 things: the essentials I bring in my purse, the snacks I prepare, and finding ways to connect with the community in the cities I visit.

Purse essentials:

  • Dr. Bronners non toxic hand sanitizer/deodorant I use this ALL the time. Its organic alcohol, glycerin, and organic lavender oil. It’s a non toxic option for hand sanitizer and also works as a deodorant if needed.

  • Tea bags are a must for travel. I always travel with an organic ginger tea for digestion support.

  • Reusable water bottles are so important to have on the road. Most airports have water refill stations.

  • Essential oils are great to have on the road, there are so many great options but the two that have been the most supportive to me have been peppermint and lavender. I personally use peppermint topically for stomach support, headaches and lavender topically as a sleep aid or any anxiety.

  • I think we are all familiar with how travel and flying can dry out our skin, I love traveling with this small size rose water for a refresher.


As a part of my carry on I make sure to reserve space for a snack bag. I use stasher bags for my food. I think simple snacks are a great way to never stay hungry but also have healthy options to grab and enjoy. If I am on a road trip there is more options you can pack in a cooler but on an airplane here are some options to consider:

  • Date Balls are high in protein and easy to travel with which makes them a great snack to have on the go.

  • Dried fruit is so easy to pack in a reusable bag and take for a plane snack or a snack on the go for your whole trip.

  • Go Macro Bars

  • Apples/bananas and almond butter packets

  • Raw carrots and hummus

  • Tofu veg sandwich from my local grocery store or I will make a wrap to bring on the plane

Once I'm at my destination, there are some things I love to incorporate to enjoy the community and feel good after eating good food and trying new things!

On the ground tips:

  • I’ve found the best way to see a new city or place is to go to a local coffee shop. You can always meet a friendly local that will share their favorite places to eat or explore in your new destination .

  • Food is a huge part of travel and provides so much insight to culture. A must is finding a local farmers market or health food store. It’s so so helpful to stock up on some fruits and snacks to have at your flat. I ALWAYS get lemons for warm lemon water in the mornings and bananas for a breakfast snack in case I wake up hungry before we get out to a cafe.

  • Sunscreen is a must while traveling, especially a non-toxic brand like Suntegrity. I love the tinted moisturizer as a base.

  • I always look at to see the best local hikes and recommendations for the area.

Hope this helps! See you on the road! xx



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