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Pantry/Fridge Clean Out Tips!

Pantry Clean Out Tip #1: The Best Ingredients?

The whole goal is to look at your everyday pantry staples, and decide which of them can be upgraded to a similar product or a brand with cleaner ingredients. Not all of your pantry is going in the trash, but I have a important list of ingredients to replacement that include: Corn Syrup, Canola Oil, enriched flour, refined sugars, and a handful of others including natural flavors, dyes, and other agents that are surprisingly common. There are so many healthy food options and brands that don't sacrifice quality or taste but provide a much healthier alternative. I always try to vote with my dollar where I can to invest in brands that are listening to their clients and creating clean products that nourish us with out added chemicals and processed shelf stabilizers.

  • Go through the ingredients on the items and make a list of ones that you need to replace

  • Check expiration on the items and toss or compost anything that is expired

  • Look at your local health food stores or for any sales on clean item swaps on your list

Feel free to donate unwanted food or use it through and purchase a cleaner brand when it comes time!

Pantry Clean Out Tip #2: Deep Clean

This is a great time to get a deep clean in the pantry and the refridgerator. We want things sparkling to keep us motivated in the kitchen. For most my cleaning needs, I use Branch Basics! It really works and is the best non-toxic cleaner that I have found. Here is a discount code for you all.

Pantry Clean Out Tip #3 Organization

The next step is to get organized. Opening your fridge or pantry to find that everything has a home is so motivating. It speeds up the process of executing recipes, it makes you more excited to get into the kitchen, and leaves you so satisfied after you clean up by knowing everything is right where it belongs.

For example, keeping beans or grains or any staples clearly visible or in organized easy to access locations increases your ability to decide what to eat and what recipes are available with your current ingredients. It’s hard to think when you’re hungry, but if you have plenty of healthy options in front of you, the choice is easier to make.

Some of my favorite organizational aides for kitchens and pantries:

If you're interested in having me over for a pantry clean out BOOK HERE I love going to clients houses and helping them do a pantry and fridge clean out and finding alternatives and ordering them to the house and setting them up with some new recipes!

Pantry Clean Out: A Complete Nutritional Overhaul of your kitchen and pantry.

Make your choices easier. Invite me into your home to reorganize the pantry and kitchen with healthier options. We begin with a dive into your current snacks and meals and identify any items with more wholesome alternatives, keeping an emphasis on organic products and nutrient rich ingredients, in order to keep you fully stocked, fed, and happy.


  • 2 hour, in person, ingredient clean out and reorganization

  • Replacement Brand List+add to InstaCart

  • 1 week of text/email 'product talk' follow up

  • Recipe Book and Emailed Recipes

If you're interested in having me over for a pantry clean out BOOK HERE



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