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Are you vegan?

I get this question all the time and have such a hard time giving an answer. I think anytime someone tries to categorize me I have a hard time whether it be spiritual beliefs, food, my job, etc. I thought this would be a good topic to touch on and to share a little bit about my journey with food. This is my journey for my body, every person is unique and different. Which means different eating habits work for different people.

I am 99.9% Plant-based "Vegan" meaning I don't eat meat or dairy products. When I travel however, I really enjoy experiencing what other cultures have to offer. In many countries the way fish and dairy are harvested and treated is very different than it is here in the United States. With that being said, if I am on an island somewhere and a local catches fresh fish, I am ready to add some coconut milk and lime and enjoy! I've found that saying I am Vegan means something different to every person that asks. It means whatever pre meditated opinion they have thought in their mind, so I usually say "I am majority plant based." I have no judgement to how others eat or what they consume, I just know what works at this time for my mind and my body.

Have I always been vegan?

No! I grew up eating everything under the sun. Especially chicken and cheese.....I had a moderately "healthy diet" for the typical american way of eating but looking back I think that I didn't fully know what it felt like to feel good! I became vegan or plant based or stopped eating meat and dairy products about 5 years ago. I think the shifting point for me was seeing how I felt and the more education I received on the meat and dairy industry the less attracted I was consuming it. After the first year, I went and got a blood test and all my nutrients were great. My health continued to excel from there. I've gained a healthy amount of muscle and weight, my hair is thicker, my skin is clear, and I am the happiest i've ever been. Is that all because of a vegan lifestyle? No. What I consumed was one of the many important factors of my healing journey. It was a huge piece of my self work and aided me on my journey to reach my goals of feeling the way I wanted to feel and creating the life I wanted.

Not only do I truly believe that my body thrives on a whole foods plant based diet, I also believe that at the rate meat is consumed in the United States and with factory farming, we as a culture are going down a dangerous path for our environment. On the note of factory farming, seeing footage and researching the way animals and livestock are treated is beyond me. I have a really hard time consuming and or supporting those ways. It feels like we have lost a direct connection to our food and the marketing tactics are strong and savvy. That being said, I do believe there is a responsible way to source your your food of any sorts and every time we buy a product at the supermarket we are placing a vote in the industry of what we stand for. Wether it be free range eggs, meat, organic vegetables, etc.

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