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Health Coaching: Making The Transition...

This week, 4 years ago, I left my tech job to pursue health coaching full time! It was a goal I had dreamt of for so long, but the transition came naturally. While working in a tech start up, the fast pace learning curve was addicting and I grew so much. I loved it, but with an environment of long hours, catered lunches, and a lot of coffee, I quickly had an insight into how we form slightly unhealthy routines, and the simple remedies we can implement to increase productivity, decrease stress, and maintain a nutritional diet. After several years in an office environment, my cubicle slowly became the town square for all ‘health’ related discussions. Co-workers couldn’t walk by my desk without a health consultation or a question about diet, stress, sleep, etc. It wasn’t that everyone was ‘lacking’ health or was struggling with anything specific, it was more a thirst for knowledge that drove them to my corner in the office. My cubicle soon became a forum to discuss all things related to health, from digestive teas to essential oils, and everything in between.

After several years, I received an offer from a similar company in the sector, but had the option to work remote. From this moment on I began to spend every extra minute I had towards my passion as a health coach, and thus Erica Jane Health was born. In between calls, on the road, and early mornings were spent building out my website and compiling all my knowledge into one place to start serving clients seeking health guidance. Within a couple years, the passion was overwhelming; so I saved up everything I could, finished my certification in ‘Holistic Health Coaching’ and never looked back.

At first I took what I could get: friends, family, personal chef positions; anything related to nutrition and health. One by one, through word of mouth, google, and social media new clients would reach out. Every one of them had something unique and specific to their life, and I knew I was in the right space because after every client call I had this growing feeling of satisfaction, thriving on the ability to engage and support others to improve their lives.

Over the past decade I have understood that there is so much more to health coaching than focusing on food and diet. Health coaching is a mix between providing overall health information (diet, nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle) and encouraging behavioral changes. Coaches have the skills and training to help the client make changes in their life that last long term. One-on-one health coaching allows the client and the coach to create an open line of communication, reinforcing a personal commitment with unconditional support; creating accountability and responsibility towards the clients’ health goals.

The most common service I provide is a 3 month holistic health coaching program. This option allows me to befriend my clients on a personal level and create specific goals with a plan of action. We start with bi-weekly calls and focus on intuitive eating, routines with food, tools to support their overall well being, and anti-inflammatory/healing recipe protocols. It all begins with small changes that make a big difference!

3 Month Holistic Health:

  • 45 minute phone call bi- weekly

  • Detailed follow up emails

  • Recipes and/or supplements tailored for you

  • Handful of recipes each week for you to try

  • Unlimited texting and email throughout the month



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