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“I want to eat healthier but I don’t know where to start.”

When we feel unwell, or unmotivated, or our anxiety has spiked, we often become desperate for change. Scrolling through the internet we see tons of supplements, powders, pills, food philosophies and it becomes hard to navigate what is best for us. We want results, but where do we start? As a health coach, I love to take away the pressure and support people in knowing that it can often be a simple transition.

Certain supplements can be life changing, but they do not outweigh the adverse effects of a poor diet or dehydration. Timing of when we add supplements to our routine is crucial. If we are eating fast food, packaged processed snacks, sugary drinks and not feeling great would a supplement make us feel better or would removing processed foods make the most difference?

When building a new relationship with food consider the following:

Step 1: Hydration. Consistently drinking water throughout the day is the best way to begin your relationship with your health.

Step 2: Observe the ratio of home cooked meals vs. eating out.

Step 3: Pay attention to how you feel when your cravings kick in. Begin to observe when you consume that snack or meal; how does it make you feel afterwards?

Step 4: Fill your fridge and pantry with whole foods that you can grab and go, or a more nutritious version of your favorite “bad” foods.

To summarize, if you don’t know where to start, the answer is starting with awareness of how each meal is making you feel. When we eat out often our taste buds tend to adapt to more oil, sugar, and salt and our cravings begin to lean in that direction. Once you become aware of how you feel eating these foods whether it be negative or positive, only then you can begin to adjust your diet to better serve you. For example, instead of feeling like everything has to change at once maybe think about that one habit that doesn't make you feel good and try replacing it with a healthier alternative. Lasting results happen when we start small and stay consistent.

A common switch is the habit of morning coffee. A lot of people wake up and drink a cup of coffee on an empty stomach, for some this creates an upset stomach, fatigued adrenals, and may give you the jitters before the coffee crash. A change would be starting the day with warm lemon water instead to support to your bodies natural detox process and support digestion. Afterwards, continuing on with a healthy morning meal and then a cup of coffee. Small changes make big differences when it comes to health and how we feel!



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