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What do Health Coaches Do?

There is so much more to health coaching than focusing on food and diet. Health coaching is a mix between providing overall health information (diet, nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle) and encouraging behavioral changes. They have an understanding of how these things impact the client and they understand the challenges of creating new habits. Coaches have the skills and training to help the client make changes in their life that last long term. One on one health coaching allows the client and the coach to create an open line of communication, reinforcing a personal commitment and interest in creating accountability and responsibility towards the clients health goals.

Health coaches are unique to the healthcare industry in the way they can take a diagnosis or goal and spend the time with the client creating long term changes. One way I work with my clients is through my Holistic Health Reboot program. I wanted to create a space to get to know my clients and set up specific goals that work for them and a plan of how to put those goals into action. We start with bi-weekly calls and focus on intuitive eating, routines with food, tools to support their overall well being, and anti-inflammatory/healing recipe protocols. We begin making those small changes that create a difference! Here is what it looks like:

3 Month Holistic Health Reboot:

  • 45 minute phone call bi- weekly

  • Detailed follow up email

  • Recipes and/or supplements tailored for you

  • Handful of recipes each week for you to try

  • Unlimited texting and email throughout the month

If you have been considering working with a health coach sign up here for a free phone consultation! Every person is unique when it comes to what works for them and their bodies. I believe in the concept of bio-individuality and supporting every client as an individual, instead of the approach that "one size fits all." I lead with a whole foods approach and tailor my programs to meet my clients needs. Providing accountability, encouragement, and unconditional support health coaches really help to see where your blocks are and support you to move past them to meet your goals!



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